Wednesday, July 06, 2005

That Crybaby QB

I hate with a passion, John Elway. That will be the last time I write his name. From now, on he will be refered to as that Crybaby QB or Crybaby or Jerk Crybaby. But before I go on, I would like to say, I would never wish upon anybody the things that have happened to him since he retired. Ok, ok, I do wish it upon those scumbag terrorists.

Why do I call him a crybaby? Well he cried after Cal pulled off the greatest play in college football history. He cried his way to the Broncos. He cried his way to a new head coach for the Broncos.

First I'll start by admitting something. When that crybaby jerk, was at Stanford, I thought he was awesome. He did some amazing things. I liked Jim Kelly of Miami a little better because he beat Penn St and Notre Dame but I thought that crybaby was great. Kelly would get injuried his senior year and because of that drop down in the draft. Dan Marino was up there too but he had a terrible senior year.

So let's move aheard to the 1983 NFL draft. This jerk crybaby said he wouldn't play in Baltimore. The jerk would play baseball if the Baltimore Colts drafted him. Later he would go back on his word and say he really meant he didn't want to play for Frank Kush or that drunk, bastard as his owner. Which is just BS. He was really scared to be follow in the footsteps of Bert Jones and the Greatest QB ever, Johnny Unitas. I can understand him not wanting to play for a drunk, bastard owner. But there are many cases where players play for an owner they don't like.

I also hate the Green Bay Packers as they allowed that jerk to win a Super Bowl. Mike Homgren is a moron.

This little known fact; LA Times columnist, T J Simers is really that crybabies father. Just look at Mr. Positive, Simers rips everybody but one person. That person? That crybaby son of his.