Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The 1984 Baltimore Colts

Ok I'll admit I rarely thought about this title when I ask what IF.

So what if the Baltimore Colts were not stolen by that drunk bastard and stayed in Baltimore for the 1984 season and beyond?

Well here is what I would like to think would have happened.

The Baltimore Colts had two first round draft choices in 1984. The 1984 draft was weakened by the USFL signing Mike Rozier, Steve Young, Herschel Walkers, and Reggie White. NFL owners being the cheap bastards they are, were more worried about drafting players that were easier to sign.

So the Baltimore Colts had the 8th pick and 19th pick in the first round. If the Baltimore Colts drafted CB Leonard Coleman, fine, he would have been a bust. He signed with the USFL since the drunk bastard was too cheap. But with the 19th pick they should have taken Maryland QB, Boomer Esiason who was drafted by the Bengals in the second round, pick #38. Esiason had first round talent but dropped because what NFL owners thought he could cost a lot to sign. Esiason's idol as a kid? None other than Bert Jones of the Baltimore Colts.

So if the Baltimore Colts drafted Boomer they would have solved their QB problems. Boomer would lead the Benglas to the Super Bowl and was one of the best QB in the NFL.

Mike Pagel was decent. Mark Herrmann was nothing. Art Schlichter wasn't a good gamble. :) Pagel and Herrmann split time in 1983. Schlichter was suspeded for gambling durin ghte 1983 season. But he was allowed to play in 1984. But would be cut in 1985.

So with the Baltimore Colts drafting Boomer Esiason they would have continued their rebuilding project. Oh the possibilities.