Friday, June 24, 2005

Baltimore Colts Test

This is the test I gave my ex girlfriend. She had to pass this test before I would marry her. Yes, exactly like Eddie in Diner. Since I've never been married, she flunked.

Short Answer:

1. When did the Baltimore Colts die?

2. Lydell Mitchell was traded for who?

3. Bert Jones was traded to the LA Rams for two draft picks. Who did the Baltimore Colts draft with those picks? Bonus points if you can name the two NFL Hall of Famers the Baltimore Colts passed up.

4. Joe Washington on a rainy Monday night, did what in his third game as a Baltimore Colts.

5. Who started for an injuried Bert Jones to open the 1978 season?

6. Johnny Unitas threw his final TD pass as a Baltimore Colt to what WR?

7. What happened up in the sky during that game?

8. What team did the Baltimore Colts play in their last game in Baltimore before they were stolen?

9. What is the World’s Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum?

10. What is the Ghost to the Post?

11. The Baltimore Colts traded who, for the pick that they used on Bert Jones? Bonus points if you name what team the player was traded to.

12. The Miami Seahawks of the All American Football Conference went bankrupt. What city did they move to?

13. Don Joyce won a fried chicken eating contest during training camp one year. Who did he beat?

14. If you pass this test and we get married, we will NEVER use what moving company?

15. Johnny Unitas was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He never played a game his rookie season. But his picture was in newspapers all over the US. Why?

16. Ernie Accorsi resigned a GM of the Baltimore Colts because?

17. The Baltimore Colts got a #1 draft choice after Don Shula left for the Dolphins. Who did the Baltimore Colts take with that #1 pick?

18. When that drunk bastard traded away that crybaby QB, he got Chris Hinton, Mark Herrmann, and a #1 pick in 1984. What else did that drunk bastard get from the Denver Broncos?

19. The Baltimore Colts drafted four QB's during the 1982 and 1983 drafts. Name the four QB.

20. Name the four members of the Sack Pack.

True and False:

1. George Shaw was a #1 draft pick.

2. Jim Bob Taylor was the last QB drafted by the Baltimore Colts ever to play for the Baltimore Colts.

3. The Baltimore Colts originally wore green and silver.

4. Don Joyce after winning a fried chicken eating contest, insisted on artificial sweetner for his ice tea.

5. Alan Ameche opened a chain of hamburger restaurants. His famous hamburgers were called The Giant.